Bullying Legislation To Address Public Housing Crisis

At last, a solid, well-researched, in depth article about major issues in public housing, including bullying, has been published by WickedLocal.

'It was a dark, dark time,' the lead article by Willam J. Dowd, provides an excellent review of the issues around bullying, with interviews and quotes from some of the key players. Against this background, Dowd notes the work of the Stop Bullying Coalition to advance a strong ombuds bill to protect tenants of public and subsidized housing from bullying. The article is proving a popular read.

Despite all the efforts of the Coalition to research and publicize the reality of bullying in public and subsidized housing, nevertheless our leaders on Beacon Hill are advocating solutions that, in our experience, do not solve the problem. When bullying flourishes, the housing community suffers.
Let us redouble our efforts to reach out to our legislative partners today, and urge them to adopt our recommendations for amending and strengthening the ombuds bill, S1084.

Will Dowd's lead article on bullying in housing is followed by a story on how tenants will serve on housing boards; articles by Dowd and Abby Patkin on the lack of funding to support public housing; and examples of innovation by local housing authorities. Click on each article.

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'It was a dark, dark time'

A pair of bills that aim to address what a tenant advocate called 'a plague of bullying' in public housing languish atop Beacon Hill

William J. Dowd, Wicked Local

Housing authority tenants get seats at decision-making table

Over the next year, a groundswell of public housing tenants will be appointed to housing authority boards in Massachusetts towns.

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Billion-dollar backlogs and aging properties: Inside Mass public housing

Despite its sheer size and the millions of dollars budgeted annually for it, Massachusetts' public-housing system remains an abstract concept to many.

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Is anyone getting it right? A look at creative programs in Massachusetts

These local housing authorities are skillfully navigating challenges to repair aging public housing and leading programs to break the cycle of poverty

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